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The Time is Now: A New Vision for Greater Regent Park


Greater Regent Park is at a tipping point. In recent years, this traditionally strong and stable residential neighborhood in northeast Detroit has seen increases in vacancy, blight, crime, and mortgage and tax foreclosures, which collectively threaten its future. The time is now to reverse these trends and recreate the neighborhood as an area of strength within Detroit. By engaging residents, developing assets, addressing blight, and protecting investments, Greater Regent Park can strengthen its stable residential blocks while transforming others. These efforts will work towards creating a neighborhood with residents known for their safety, resilience, and sense of pride.


Margaret Dewar and Libby Levy


Melanie Batke, Bradley Brey, Matthew Byrne, Jacob Gottfried, Nicholas Grisham, Hannah Kelley, Iris Lehmann, Zachery McKinnon, Erin Royals, Paige Shesterkin, Alexandria Stankovich, Xiao Wen


  • Community Partner: LifeBUILDERS
  • Location: Detroit
  • Pages: 206
  • Year: 2014
  • Topic: Housing + Community Development

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