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A Ride in the Right Direction

Mogo Expansion and Mobility Trends


MoGo, a nonprofit organization that operates the bike share system in central Detroit, plans to expand in northwest Detroit and six suburban communities in 2019. Compared to bike share growth in other cities, this expansion is distinctive because it is multi-jurisdictional and not contiguous with the current system. Challenges in the expansion area include low-density conditions, physical separation from the existing bike share network, and a lack of fully integrated regional transit.

Drawing from case studies of other bike share systems, students identified short- and long-term recommendations for MoGo’s expansion, with an emphasis on social equity considerations and first/last mile connections to bus routes. The plan also addresses the potential impact of newly introduced dockless electric scooters.


Joe Grengs, Eric Dueweke


Christopher Corbett, Karen Cuenca, Yuan Han, Lutalo Sanifu, Emily Smith, Matt Tse


Community Partner: MoGo Detroit
Location: Detroit and Oakland County
Pages: 62
Year: 2018

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