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Forging a Future: Recommendations for Strengthening Detroit’s Mt. Elliott Employment District


The Detroit Future City Strategic Framework Plan (DFC), published in 2012, articulates a long-range vision for the City of Detroit and addresses six key planning elements: economic growth, land use, City services, neighborhoods, land and building assets, and civic capacity. Forging a Future addresses the cross-section of DFC’s six key planning elements in the context of the Mt. Elliott employment district. Our recommendations provide a strategy for enabling a comprehensive approach to weighing the intricate connections among real estate, business, and workforce issues


June Manning Thomas, Eric Dueweke 


Aly Andrews, Aja Bonner, James Carpenter, Cassie DeWitt, Colin Dillon, Myles Hamby, Dustin Hodge, Evan Johnson, Kevin Shelton, Brian Smyser, Allison Sponseller, Liz Treutel, Cheng Wang 


  • Community Partner: Detroit Economic Growth Corporation 
  • Location: Detroit
  • Pages: 152
  • Year: 2014
  • Topic: Community Development, Economic Development Planning

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