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*Contact us for Short Code discount prices*
Paper Color
24# Bond (36” or 42” roll available) $2.50/sq ft
45# Bond (36” roll ONLY) $3.00/sq ft
Vellum (36” roll ONLY) $3.00/sq ft
Clear Film (36” roll ONLY) $4.50/sq ft
Mylar (36” roll ONLY) $4.50/sq ft
Satin (36” roll ONLY) $4.15/sq ft
Glossy (36” or 42” roll available) $4.15/sq ft
Matte Photo Paper (36” or 42” roll available) $4.15/sq ft
Water Resistant Fabric (36” roll ONLY) $6.00/sq ft

NOTE: If wasting more than half the 36" roll of paper to run your plot, then we have to charge by linear foot for the wasted media in addition to the plot itself.

Self Serve Large Format

Paper Black and White Color
KIP $1.50/linear foot  
24# Bond 36" n/a $7.00/linear ft
45# Heavy Bond n/a $8.50/linear ft

For more information about Self Serve plotting, please click here.

Sheet Printing

  • The sheets we keep in stock are Strathmore 1ply Museum Board (32x40, $4.50/sheet + tax) and Bristol (19x24, $1.75/sheet + tax).
  • Sheet printing requires a margin of roughly 1" on all four sides.


Paper 8.5 x 11 11 x 17 12 x 18
Color (Single-sided on 28# Laser) $.30/page $.75/page $1.00/page

Additional Costs For Paper Stocks

Please check with Media Center staff for availability and pricing.

We will print on your Laser Safe paper as long as it will run through our machine. Please bring the original packaging with you so we can check the specifications. Check with us before committing to purchasing a lot of it.


Plastic Coil <1" $1.50/ea
Plastic Coil >1" $2.00/ea

You can cut items yourself or have us cut a stack of items for $.75 per cut. If we are to cut a stack, please be aware that it may not be as precise as hand-cutting.

All bindings require a margin of at least .25" - .375" allowed on the binding edge to avoid punching through type.

Scanning Prices

All scans are $2.00/linear foot. Once complete, we will be happy to drop them onto your provided flash/USB drive.

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