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Remote Access

1) Virtual Sites . Essentially the same software offered on Campus Computing Sites machines -- includes ArcGIS, AutoCAD and 3DS Max, Adobe applications and Microsoft Office; Rhino has also been added to this group. Accessible either through a light-weight downloadable client or a browser. The "Virtual Sites Overflow" option provides accelerated graphics, although this is sometimes a problem when using a Mac. For either, when using Virtual Sites, the software runs on the Sites virtual machines, not yours, so a good solution for lower powered laptops or for running Windows applications from a Mac. There are options to connect to Google and Box storage, as well as an attached USB drive.

2) CAEN Virtual Sites . Computers in the Duderstadt Center (excluding the Visualization Lab) are accessible through the same process used by Virtual Sites. One advantage of the CAEN solution is that each connection is directed to one of the Duderstadt Center's actual physical machines, so each person gets sole use of 16Gb of RAM, a high-performance processor, and an nVidia (P1000) graphics card. The software available includes ArcGIS, the Creative Cloud suite (with Adobe Premiere and After Effects), and Rhino, V-Ray for Rhino, and Unity. Follow the steps in the link in 2) below to install the VMWare Horizon software (for best results but there is also an option for just using a web browser). Before you connect to a server with the Horizon software you have the option to press the "+" key and add additional server choices. Create a new connection to caen.midesktop.it.umich.edu.

3) Remote Desktop Access to BTLab machines. BTLab and SAND Lab machines are also accessible using the Microsoft Remote Desktop Access clients available for Windows (a built-in Windows Accessory - Remote Desktop Connection) and Mac (freely downloadable from the Mac App store -- https://apps.apple.com/us/app/microsoft-remote-desktop-10/id1295203466?m...). This provides access to all BTLab or SAND Lab applications. Look for the scheduling calendar Taubman College Study Space to reserve a machine and get instructions.

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