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Printing in Taubman College

The College provides a variety of printing options for its users from basic black and white printing to high-end color plotting. Refer to the Printing Wizard below to find out where each printer is located and how to print to it. Those designated "MPrint" printers can be used with your $24 per semester university printing allocation.

Printer Locations in A&A Building

This wizard shows the location of public printers in the Art and Architecture Building:

mPrint Printers

When submitting a file using mPrint (mprint.umich.edu) to a printer in the College that supports the Basic Computing Package allocation, look for these printers in the "North Campus" section:

  • Art & Architecture 3 East
  • Art & Architecture 3 West
  • Art & Architecture 3 South Color
  • Art & Architecture 1 BTLAB
  • Art & Architecture 1 MUPLAB

Self-serve plotters

The Media Center's self-serve, charged-for, offerings include 24/7 b&w and color plotting on plain and heavy bond paper, 24/7 b&w-only plotting on the 3rd floor KIP large-format laser plotter, and overnight b&w and color printing on mylar. The plotter drivers are installed on College lab machines and can also be added to personal machines, allowing a job to be submitted directly from a personal computer. Once submitted, jobs are found listed on a "Release" station outside the Media Center and upstairs next to the KIP where they can be selected, paid for using a "Copy Card" available for purchase at the Media Center, and released to plot. Personal computer access is initially just available for Windows computers; a Mac option is being explored.

To add the plotters:

  1. Be sure you're connected to the network
  2. Select "Computer" (or "My Computer") on the Windows Start Menu
  3. In that window's Address Bar, replace "Computer" with:
  4. When the login box appears, enter your login in the form:
    User name: UMROOT\
  5. Double-click on the plotters BOND, HVYBOND, MYLAR, and KIP to install them on your computer. Double-click on "MCColor" to add the Media Center's color printer.


    • The plotter (and printer) drivers will work for XP, Vista, and Windows 7, on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.
    • Not all printers appearing on tcaup-support are available for installation, only those listed above.
    • You must be logged in to your machine with an Administrator account in order to install these.
    • If you are having trouble logging in, visit this page to set, or reset, your Active Directory password:

To print to these plotters and/or printers:

  1. Connect to the network (obviously).
  2. Follow steps 2 and 3 above to authenticate. To make this easy, once you are connected to tcaup-support look in the Address Bar for the path you had to enter, right-click to select it, and drag the resulting icon to your Desktop. This creates a short-cut for the path. The next time you need to connect, just double-click the short-cut and it will automatically bring up the login box.
  3. Plot.

The Media Center has tutorials on preparing your files to plot.
More information about Media Center plotting is available.

Printing from Lab Computers

Log out of lab machines or risk your printing allocation. The BCP system charges printing to the user logged in to the machine. If you leave a machine logged in, anyone who prints from that machine will be using your allocation. Be sure to log off.

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