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Internet Access


Wireless is available through the building and campus.  Select the "MWireless" network for the simplest, fastest, most secure connection; "MWireless" provides access to all University resources.  "MGuest" is intended for University visitors; selecting this network, bringing up a browser, and providing an e-mail address, as prompted, will provide access to basic Internet services (e.g. mail) but a number of University services will not be accessible.   

The wireless network in the College, and on campus, supports the 802.11ac wireless standard.  This standard is compatible with previous wireless standards, so older wireless devices will continue work and computers that support "ac" wireless will see much improved performance. 

Wired Network Access

Wired ethernet connections are available throughout the studios and in other areas of the building; just connect with an ethernet cable and your machine will be provided with an address. We recommend that you use the wired network when working with large data files (printing to the Media Center, sending and receiving large files).  The wired network can be faster and more capable of handling large data files when studio is in full session. 


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