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Online Tutorials

Online Tutorials

There are a variety of video tutorials available for the Architecture and Urban Planning community who want to learn at their own pace and pursue additional skills in 3D Modeling, Fabrication, Design, Mapping, etc.  

The collection below features tutorials created and contributed by current and former Taubman College faculty, Taubman College Alumni, University of Michigan Librarians, as well as tutorials from Universities and Colleges across the US.  

There is also a list of free tutorials from software companies.

Digital Project: Introduction, Modeling, Knowledgeware, Output
Contributed by: Karl Daubmann

FabLab: Mastercam, FlowPath, Toolpaths
Contributed by: Maciej Kaczynski and Glenn Wilcox

Diva for Rhino Tutorials
Contributed by: Jeff Geisinger and Christoph Reinhart

EndNote Basic
Contributed by: UM Library

Revit Tutorials

By Mark Gibbons

AutoCAD Tutorials

This workshop investigates how designers use AutoCAD to develop graphic drawings for communication of design intent.  Video lessons 1 through 5 are lecture based and will focus on the basic components of how AutoCAD works. In Videos 6 through 10, we will be working on exercises that will lay the groundwork for drawing site plans and architectural components in the application. There will be a 2 hour in class follow-up session where we will work on completing a full construction “blue-print” set.

Along with other Autodesk products AutoCAD is a very popular tool among architectural firms. New architects who are familiar with AutoCAD are often more viable candidates in the job market. Consider learning AutoCAD basics to further strengthen your portfolio of skills!   

Lesson 1 - Introduction

View video 

Introduction to AutoCAD, this lesson explains the basics of the AutoCAD application, and why it is used in design documentation.

Lesson 2 – Interface Pt. 1

View video 

In this lesson, we will explore the user interface. This is an explanation of where to find high-level file tools.

Lesson 3 – Interface Pt. 2

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In this lesson, we will continue to navigate the user interface focusing on the Tool Ribbon and drawing tools.

Lesson 4 – Layers and Object Properties

View video | Download lesson files

In this lesson, we will look at layers and how they help to organize geometry and objects in AutoCAD. A brief explanation of the two modalities of CTB and STBs, and setting Layer Standards.

Lesson 5 – Model Space and Paper Space

View video | Download lesson files

This lesson explains the relationship between Model Space and Paper Space. We will explore how scales factors work in these 2 spaces.

Lesson 6 – EXCERSIZE: Drafting Setup

View video | Download lesson files

In this lesson, we will explore how to draw geometry using the coordinate system both relative and absolute. We will look at several techniques that can be used while drafting.

Lesson 7 – EXCERSIZE: Block Making

View video | Download lesson files

In this exercise, we will design a title block and explore the use of attributes. We will use this Title block in future lessons.

Lesson 8 – EXCERSIZE: Project File Architecture

View video | Download lesson files

In this lesson, we will set-up our file structure hierarchy to be used in organizing our drawings and design-related data.

Lesson 9 – EXCERSIZE: Site Plan

View video | Download lesson files

In this exercise, we will use 3 different methods to draw a site plan.

Lesson 10 – Xrefs

View video | Download lesson files

This lesson explains how to insert external reference files into your drawing.

AutoCAD Tutorial Wrap-Up

Download lesson files

Concluding the topics discussed in the preceding tutorials the instructor will meet live to provide greater clarity and depth to the activities and examples from earlier sessions.

Software Company Tutorials

AutoCAD - Getting Started
AutoDESK Software
QGIS - Introduction

Plan Your Future
Housing, Community, and Economic Development
Land Use and Environmental Planning
Physical Planning and Design
Transportation Planning
Global and Comparative Planning