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Paris and Rome 2008

  • Fieldworks of Urban Walks: Translations of Paris and Rome
  • Spring 2008
  • Instructor: Dawn Gilpin

This course will introduce cities and architecture of Italy, Switzerland, and France through site specific fieldwork and a series of walking exercises. This course is designed to support the architectural history, design fundamentals, and representation courses introduced in the first year of the undergraduate program in architecture. Direct-experience of these sites will enable students to gain knowledge and exceptional understanding of architecture as a powerful cultural product from ancient through modern times. In Rome we will focus on the layers of history evident in the topography of the section of this city, which is notably accessible. In Switzerland we will begin to tour the work of Le Corbusier and continue to view this extensive body of work chronologically as we travel west to Paris and then southeast to the coast of the Mediterranean. This tour will enable the student to experience a vast range of architecture, all introduced in courses they have completed in their recent semesters. This course also investigates ways of representing ways of seeing and reading architecture in a traveling studio. We will use this opportunity to work with architecture directly, without dependence on the physical format of the studio to introduce new ways and reinforce established practices in pursuit of an alternative position.

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