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Japan 2010

conTEXT: writing (in) Japan, the spatial narratives.

Instructor: Cathlyn Newell
Location: Japan
Dates Abroad: May 4 - June 17, 2010

The islands of Japan formed from the tears of a goddess, or so one story goes. In our own readings, in our words, in our imagination, and in dissemination, architecture has a life of interpretation and a narrative of  existence. The space, the object, is only part of the story. Fictional or documentation based, our words and  communication can offer an entirely different understanding, and even alteration to a space. So while there  exists an intention for spaces to speak for themselves, words and interpretations are at the heart of its exposure, experience, and life. It might take a written description to get across the intentions of a designer, or a set of words might be a new revealing an obscure life for the space, or one sentence can spark a spatial image. Architecture can be found in tex

The intention of this course lies both in hands-on exploration of Japan's extensive architectural history, and the experimentation of expression and manipulation of architecture through creative writing and graphics. The maneuverable size of Japan and the rich settings varying across urban/rural, ancient/contemporary, and technological/manual, offers immersive inspirations for exploration into alternative spatial communications.

Studio Proposal (PDF 49KB)

Read their blog: likelystoryjapan.blogspot.com

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