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France 2010

Civic Friche

Instructor:  Anya Sirota and Steven Christensen
Location: Paris, France
Dates Abroad: Spring 2010

This course proposes a semester of research in France focusing on an emergent urban typology – the civic friche. A paradoxical coupling of terms – the institutional with the abandoned – civic friche refers to France's tactical appropriation of marginal sites for public function. The course will allow students to investigate the most important examples of this phenomenon and to speak with the architects, landscape architects, scenographers, politicians, and artists involved in the design and implementation of civic friche strategies. The interdisciplinary course, taught during Spring Semester 2010, uses the tactics of architecture, photography, landscape, and urbanism to begin to unpack and document this civic phenomenon.

About the Studio (PDF 3MB)

Read their blog: studio-civicfriche.tumblr.com, www.civicfriche.com

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