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Brazil 2008

  • Waters of May
  • Spring 2008
  • Instructor: Fernando Lara

The Brazil studio 2008 will take 12 students of architecture and urban planning to Brazil for five weeks, for an intensive, firsthand exploration of some of the major issues regarding the urban problems of the developing world. Not only will students be able to see what we have studied in lectures and reading but they will be able to explore both the fine details and the larger context in which these buildings, neighborhoods, and cities operate.

It is in Belo Horizonte that we will spend the majority of our five weeks and where we will work in a studio project to generate ideas for the improvement of the low income informal neighborhoods: the favelas. The studio already has a partnership with the city of Belo Horizonte that will provide us with maps and social-economic data about a small favela, as well as guide us through the settlement with the support of city officials and social workers that are familiar with the area.

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