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Barcelona 2010

Drawing Architecture’s Surface

Instructor:  Ellie Abrons and Adam Fure
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Dates Abroad: May 4- June 25, 2010

Writing on the relationship of drawing to building, Robin Evans points out that the medium of drawing holds a unique position in architecture because it describes a reality yet to come. Unlike sculptors or painters, who work directly with the material they shape, architects make drawings which instruct others how to shape matter. This space between drawing and building—the space of translation and transposition—will be the focus of this studio. 

This studio will focus on reviving the projective possibilities of drawing through the development of techniques focused on architectural texture and surface. We will travel to Barcelona, Spain, a concentrated site of exemplary architectural precedent in the ornate designs of Modernisme and the Spanish Baroque. The goal of our work is not to simply understand the origins of historical examples, but to use the old as the foundation for the production of the new.

Studio Proposal (PDF 115KB)

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