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Argentina 2009

  • Spring 2009
  • Instructor: Gerardo Caballero/Juan Rois

The course will consist of two short design exercises encompassing the two main themes of Argentinean architecture. The first concerns the expansion of the horizon of the Pampas and will require students to use one simple design program to create an architectural space that will place them in direct physical relationship with the horizon. The challenge exists in determining how to measure the horizon. The second exercise requires students to study a volumetric mass proposal in an urban infill situation of high pressure. The new piece will be in relation and in contrast with the existing. The question this time will be: How do you register the urban friction?

Participating students include:

  • Ivan Adelson
  • Antoinette Delvillano
  • Alexa Lynn Dorsey
  • Jose Esparza
  • Michael McBean
  • Mary O'Malley
  • Talia Pinto- Handler
  • Andrew Powers
  • Matthew Sanger
  • Samantha Senn
  • Kyle Skar
  • Derek Sloane
  • Charles Starr
  • Andrew Walking
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