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2012 Paris, Rome, and Athens

Paris, Rome and Athens: The Work of Le Corbusier

Instructor: Dawn Gilpin and Joss Kiely
Location: Paris, Rome, and Athens
Dates Abroad: May 8- June 18 2012

The course proposes a chronological investigation of the practice of the modernist architect Le Corbusier from his early designs in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland through many sites in and around Paris and culminating in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin where he died in 1965. Le Corbusier was prolific in the production of urban proposals, architecture, drawings and writings. Many of the projects are located in a region that is traversable over a few weeks giving clarity to the evolution of the body of work and the strong influences of new technologies as well as cultural, economic, social and political issues of the time. Ancient Greek and Roman sites strongly influenced his education and practice and will be included in the itinerary to set the context for Corbusier’s practice. 

Each student works independently and in groups collecting documentation and measurement of sites using the Body Metron and other conventional and unconventional measuring techniques. Video, photography, diagramming, drawing and modeling (translation of collected measure) culminating in three critical representations designed in response to historical and modern notational representations. The culmination of the field work will be translated to drawing, photographs printed and composed, and documentation of transcripts, notations and diagrams formatted in a series of plates. These plates will then be bound in a portfolio for student reference and exhibition. The work will be published and distributed to the guides, homeowners, architects, 
educators, and others that have supported the studio while traveling

See the Studio Proposal (PDF 112KB)

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