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2012 Jakarta

Inundation Jakarta

Instructor: Etienne Turpin and Meredith Miller
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Dates Abroad: May 1- June 16, 2012

As Southeast Asia’s most populous and most dense metropolitan conurbantion, and the second largest urban footprint in the world, Jakarta is already a prime candidate for the City of Hypercomplexity. However, recent trends in weather intensification, sea level rise, extreme river pollution, river flooding, and coastal inundation create, through a multiplicative effect, one of the key sites for researching 21st century hypercomplexities as they influence Southeast Asian metropolitan existence.

INUNDATION Jakarta studio will place architecture students from Taubman College into an interdisciplinary exchange with Assistant Professor Adam Bobbette and his landscape architecture students from Hong Kong University, as well as colleagues from the University of Indonesia. Collectively, the students will look at hydrological infrastructure of Jakarta’s metropolitan region. The objectives of this collaboration is to produce an image of the city’s complex and unstable geography of water and secondly, to specify the localized effects of the problem.

For visual documentation of the studio, click here.

See the Studio Proposal (PDF 1.1MB)

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