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Taubman College Brings Our Students Out Into the World

Taubman College offers students a number of exciting opportunities to travel both within the United States and abroad. Through our many degrees and courses, students can study culture and design while learning about the various parts of a city, country, or region. Pack your bags and come join us!

The spring travel courses are available to all U-M undergraduate architecture students as well as all graduate students during the spring or summer half term. These international travel courses are an essential part of Taubman College's course offerings, granting students the prospect of visiting other countries while gaining access to facilities, groups and individuals that might otherwise be closed to them. The college has established partnerships and faculty exchanges with other architecture programs around the world in order to promote a global cross-cultural exchange. Courses are selected, organized, and directed by individual faculty members who have an interest in a particular country, region, or city. This diversity of interests leads courses not just to the traditional locations of Europe but to the villages and global cities of the developing world-and provides each group of students with exciting and unique educational, research, and service opportunities. More than a quarter of the students enroll in travel abroad courses during their study.

Taubman Travel - 2016

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