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ARCH 823 – Suburbia


Who invented suburbia and why? Where did the idea come from that the ideal of middle class living is a large detached house at the edge of a metropolitan area? And what is the future of the suburban idea? The course will start in eighteenth century London, the birthplace in my interpretation of the modern residential suburb, and continue through the streetcar suburbs of the 19th century to the postwar automobile suburbs like Levittown. The last section will examine a retrofitting suburbia. Assigned reading includes Robert Fishman, Bourgeois Utopias: the rise and fall of suburbia; Sam Bass Warner, Jr. Streetcar Suburbs; D.J. Waldie, Holy Land: a suburban memoir; and Ellen Dunham-Jones and June Williamson, Retrofitting Suburbia. The main research assignment is to research a streetcar suburban from the 1890-1930 period.


Tue 1:00-4:00pm 3146 A&AB


Robert Fishman

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