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ARCH 672 – Architectural Design 2G3/3G6


These graduate-level studio design courses are characterized by architectural problems of increasing scale and complexity, usually one semester in length and require solutions that are thorough in their conception, development, and execution. Approximately twelve studio sections are offered in each regular term- each with a unique focusï- but all dedicated to comprehensive architectural design. Examples include: aesthetic and symbolic issues, comprehensive building design, facilities planning, housing, community design, urban design, historic preservation and conservation, the architect as developer, structure, energy systems and conservation, professional practice and management, computer applications to design, and honors studio. Detailed course descriptions for each section are posted during registration. Many sections require that specific 500/600 level architecture lecture/seminar courses be taken prior to or concurrent with the design studio.


Mon, Thu 1:00-6:00pm 3100 A&AB


Lars Graebner, Craig Borum, Sharon Haar, Christina Hansen, Mick Kennedy, Kit McCullough, Jonathan Rule, Kathy Velikov, Claudia Wigger, Matiss Groskaufmanis


Course Brief