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ARCH 506 – Fresh Graphics


This course will explore the fruitful union of two courses - the current Thesis studio “All Access,” and past offerings of the seminar “Fresh Graphics.” More specifically, the course will be organized as a simultaneous research seminar and design workshop focused on the role of graphic design and communication in providing access to greater understanding of design for and about accessibility.

The work in the course will intertwine graphic design logics set forth almost a century ago by Otto and Marie Neurath (pioneers of the Isotype and visual education), and a historic understanding of the graphic world what has shaped current understanding of design for accommodation. Neurath’s motto, “words divide, pictures unite,” will unify our efforts to give accessibility a stronger graphic voice within our designed environments, and will include a re-evaluation and potential re-design of current graphic standards for accessible design.

Our many co-conspirators will include Selwyn Goldsmith, Timothy Nugent, Gerd Arntz, Susan Kare, the Bauhaus, Ray and Charles Eames, Bruno Munari, Irma Boom, and many more!

This course is open to all students at Taubman College, and there are no prerequisites. In the spirit of ‘drawing to architecture,’ this class continues a tangential trajectory of research and production set in motion by prior courses dedicated to compatible concepts, including designing for children (Design, Jr. Propositions studio), the exploration of color in design (Color Theory seminar), the study and implementation of people in design (Sensibility: People in Architecture seminar), and investigations into the power of graphics in the work of notable 20th century architects (Fresh Graphics for Architecture Today seminar).


Fri 8:30-11:30am West Review


Julia McMorrough


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