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ARCH 505 – High Performance Building Design


Goal of the course is to find design strategies to meet the requirements for a zero net emission residential building. A focus lies to find the right balance between (1) esthetical aspects, (2) an optimized building envelope and (3) the technical effort for building operation to increase the comfort. The building performance evaluation will be done in terms of the net green house gas emission. Goal is to find the best design solutions in the intersection of esthetical and high sophisticated technical demands.  
The course contains three design steps:

1)  “Passive” sustainable design strategies
2)  Detail planning in high performance buildings
3)  “Active” systems in high performance residential buildings (Building mechanical systems, HVAC)
4)  Use of renewable energy sources in buildings 


Class Instruction Mode:  Hybrid 

Wed 1:00-4:00pm 2213 A&AB


Lars Junghans

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