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The string is both a means of acoustic excitation and the simplest physical measure of an architectural distance. Anchored to terminating points or plumbing the depths with a pendulum, the line vibrates with audible overtones. Suspended from specific points within the gallery, piano wire is held in tension by the very speaker that amplifies its resonance creating a site and time specific feedback loop that registers the space. Condensing to the scale of small vessels, this sounding section is also extruded from glass to connect the enclosing walls. These lines at various scales speak of the space they are drawn through, extrusions of the very materials that sustain the enclosure.

Project Team

Principal Investigators:
Catie Newell (Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning)
John Granzow (School of Music, Theatre & Dance)
Kim Harty (College of Creative Studies)

Project Team:
Kelly Gregory
Isabelle Leysens
Drishti Haria
Austin Mitchell
Leith Campbell
Rebecca Fisher
Spencer Haney

Thanks and Support:
Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning
School of Music, Theatre & Dance
College for Creative Studies

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