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Michigan-Mellon Project Symposia and Exhibitions


Symposia - held once per year - highlight the work of eminent scholars, designers, theoreticians and public activists on the following themes: 1) Rethinking Modernist Orthodoxies; 2) Privatization and the Commons; 3) Capital and Justice; and 4) Political Space of Media. Symposia are held in one physical location and interactively live streamed to each of the two other cities of focus. Symposium 2, 3 and 4 will happen concurrent with a Project Exhibition in the same city. Conversations are pre-symposium roundtables with symposium participants coupled with a tour of the city.

Symposium 2 Ann Arbor/Detroit - The Egalitarian Metropolis: Common(s) Sense City
Symposium 1 Ann Arbor/Detroit - The Egalitarian Metropolis


Exhibitions will showcase research and creative work from Project participants and others — in Ann Arbor/Detroit, Mexico City, and and Rio de Janiero. Through major exhibitions (2017 and 2018) and smaller-scale Installations (2016), project themes will be explored from the perspectives of designers and humanists working in tandem and in parallel. Publications - including one major publication and smaller pamphlet publications - will be produced in concert with the exhibitions. Exhibitions will rotate to each of the three cities and will be accompanied by symposia in each locale.

Installations 2016
Detroit_Focus on Speculative Urban and Metropolitan Visions
Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit
U-M Taubman Galleries (Michigan Research Studio / Taubman Liberty Street Gallery / Taubman Gallery)

Major Exhibition 2017
Mexico City_Focus on Architecture, Urban Design, Humanities

Major Exhibition 2016
Rio de Janeiro_Focus on MultiChannel and Serial Video and Film