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Architectural education is not just about design. It’s about understanding the architect as a participant in a broader discussion about labor and the built environment. Architectural production in the studio currently instills and supports practices of self-exploitation and financial sacrifice. These forms of labor and expectations of productivity without compensation transition into professional practice, perpetuating a cycle of precarity and overwork within architecture. How can we overcome these embedded disparities and exploitations of architectural practice within the studio model to create a more equitable future for architecture? These three UN-WORKING workshops——WORK + PLATFORM + SPACE——seek to rethink the studio model within architecture through a series of conversations and proposed implementations that question modalities of practice and labor in design pedagogy. UN-WORKING WORK Participants: Peggy Deamer, Manuel Shvartzberg, Irene Sunwoo, Claire Zimmerman. UN-WORKING PLATFORM Participants: Keller Easterling, Douglas Spencer. UN-WORKING SPACE Participant: Francesco Marullo. 

TACTICAL PEDAGOGIES: Rethinking Architectural Labor Through the Studio Model 

Organized by Brittany Utting and Daniel Jacobs. 

This project was made possible by a 2018-2019 Equity Innovation Grant from the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan.

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