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LIMB reconsiders historic heavy timber construction across cultures to develop new joinery methods by focusing on the natural occurrence of branch bifurcation in different wood species. Because of its low value, often the crotch of a tree is not harvested for commercial purposes. This project uses this vital element to design connections that replace traditional mortise and tenon or steel connections. By replacing the joint with a single piece of wood that purposely grew for bifurcation in nature, and by moving the structural connection away from where vertical and horizontal members come together, a stronger construction joint can be achieved.

Limb: Rethinking Heavy Timber Joinery through Analysis of Tree Crotches

Seven Taubman College Faculty Win R+D Awards

Limb, a Fantastical Take on Timber Construction

Combining parametric form generation and design exploration to produce a wooden reticulated shell using natural tree crotches

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