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Research + Creative Practice

As the built environment increasingly shapes the human condition – and indeed the planetary condition – good design and planning make more sense to more people, both practically and theoretically, than ever before.

Taubman College provides a rich setting for both individual and disciplinary response to this rising demand for design and planning of the built environment. Our mission is based on thoughtful agility. We seek to understand, interrogate and advance these related fields within the context of exciting new global geographies, technologies, and ethnographies, focusing on both the exalted and unsung aspects of everyday life. In pursuit of this ideal, the college offers a complementary array of degree programs and a dynamic mix of expertise, resources and events.

The University of Michigan is a major research university with a distinguished tradition in which technology plays a major role. Industrial production, respect for craft and a commitment to social ideals are deeply rooted in this region. The university has a remarkable range of academic units, among which interdisciplinary initiatives are encouraged and generously supported. For all these reasons, the college has long held the position that research, technology, and social justice are intrinsic to design.


They are award-winning architects, planners and designers, respected scholars, and leading researchers. Faculty are actively engaged in teaching, practice, and research in many fields including architecture, urban security, environmental technology and planning, transportation, recreation, economic development, housing and community development, land use planning, and urban design. Cross-disciplinary efforts within the college and across the university are strongly encouraged and supported.


Over the years, Taubman College faculty have achieved a history of prestigious awards for their research and creative practice in architecture and urban planning. A selection of national and international awards that have been won by our faculty are included here.


Taubman College faculty have authored and edited a robust range of books and publications that engage and grapple with the variety of pressing issues of our time, and the varied histories that have led to where we are today.

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Research Clusters

College Grant Programs

Equity Innovation

Open to faculty, staff, and students, the Equity Innovation program supported proposals to develop or pilot new modes and formats of teaching and learning, curricular reformulation, and process innovations that promise to make our education more inclusive, accessible, affordable, and satisfying by giving students the options they need to excel with us.
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Prototyping Tomorrow

To advance the research and creative practice efforts of the Building Tomorrow agenda, Dean Massey launched a college-wide competitive research incentive funding program in 2018, entitled “Prototyping Tomorrow.” TNow in its second year, the program continues to supports work that moves concepts from idea into some form of provisional reality, allowing a hypothesis to be studied, tested, and refined iteratively.
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College Fellowships

Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan offers four annual fellowships for research and instruction on architecture and the built environment. Each fellowship includes teaching related to the fellow’s area of interest, resources for the development of work, possibilities to interface with scholars and researchers in the wider university context, and the opportunity to share the outcome of the fellowship with the college. Fellows spend one year in residence and teach in addition to pursuing their fellowship interests.
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College Infrastructure and Facilities

Taubman College boasts state-of-the-art facilities to support faculty research and creative practice. These include:

Resources for Faculty

The Research + Creative Practice Canvas site is the central location for information and resources to support Taubman College faculty in their research and creative practice. If you are a faculty member and do not have access to the canvas site, please email taubmancollegeresearch@umich.edu.

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