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Building Policies

The Art & Architecture Building has been shared by Taubman College and the School of Art & Design since 1974.

As a shared space, we have many combined building policies and services. Taubman College occupies the south side of the building, which includes studio spaces on the third floor, in addition to the SAND Lab and FABLab. Art & Design occupies the north side of the building. The courtyard and campus computing site are two examples of shared and communal space.

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The building is open and unlocked fall and winter terms from 7 AM–10 PM weekdays; 7 AM–7 PM weekends. After hours, members of the Art & Architecture community can use their MCard at the six main building entrances to access the building.


First Aid

First-aid kits, located at either end of the third floor, across from the Media Center, and in the Dean's office, are supplied to treat minor cuts and injuries. Send an email to aaaservices@umich.edu if they need replenishing. Report any serious injuries to the Dean's Office and seek treatment at the University Hospital. In case of emergency contact 911.


Public Safety can be reached at 734.763.1131 (3-1131 from campus phones). Please report any suspicious or threatening behavior to Public Safety. Use smart decision-making related to your personal safety.


In case of severe weather, proceed to the first floor southwest corridor. In the case of fire, exit the building immediately. Evacuation plans are posted on each of the bottom and top floor stairwells.


The building has lockers available for Taubman College student, faculty, and staff storage, located on the first floor south hallway. Registration is not required; simply place a lock on a locker of your choosing. Lockers must be vacated prior to the end of the academic year. The locker is college property and standards of maintenance must be adhered to.

Rules for using lockers:

  • You are responsible for maintaining the interior and exterior of your locker in good condition. You may not damage the paint, drill holes in the locker, paint it, wallpaper it, etc.
  • The locker may not be used to store dangerous materials, substances, or weapons.
  • The locker may not be used to store food.
  • Please, no writing or posting on the outside of your locker.
  • You must remove all of your items by the posted date at the end of the academic year (beginning of May). There is absolutely no storage permitted in lockers over the spring/summer recess.
  • Materials remaining in your locker after the posted clean out date will be removed and disposed of.
  • You must be a member of the Art & Architecture community.

Lost and Found

Contact the Taubman College Facilities Assistant, Nick Carlson, Room 2105, nicholca@umich.edu, or 734.763.3132.

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