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Prakriti Shukla

Ph.D. Student in Urban Planning

Prakriti is a doctoral student in the Urban and Regional Planning Department at the University of Michigan. Her research focuses on regional planning of water resources that do not neatly fit the jurisdictional boundaries of local, state, and national governments. She believes that lack of representation of rural and ecological interests in water-basin management at a regional scale will be catastrophic in the future, as the burden of climate events will be unevenly borne by the rural poor and the ecology. Hence, her research is driven by the ideals of fair representation, participatory governance, and environmental justice.

Prakriti has degrees in Master of Regional Planning from Cornell University and Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Mumbai. Her work experience spans over 13 years and comprises issues related to local governance, water governance, climate change adaptation, socio-environmental justice, and regional planning and policy. She has carried out these projects in her capacity as a faculty, researcher, and consultant to companies.

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