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Mirit Friedman

Ph.D. Student in Urban Planning

Mirit Friedman is a doctoral student in the Urban and Regional Planning program, studying environmental planning and urban climate change adaptation. Despite tighter fiscal circumstances, cities are tasked with adapting to greater environmental stressors due to climate change. Mirit is interested in how cities formulate partnerships to execute climate adaptation planning agendas in light of constrained public budgets and how these adaptation projects respond to issues of climate justice. Beyond her academic pursuits at the University of Michigan, she serves as a doctoral student representative to faculty meetings and just completed a 1.5-year term as a student representative to the Planning Accreditation Board task force on creating innovation in curriculum.

Building on her undergraduate degree in Environmental Sciences from UC Berkeley (2015) and her time working on partnerships and volunteer programs for the National Park Service at the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area, Mirit came to urban planning to better understand and mediate the urban-environmental interface in the age of climate change. In 2019, Mirit received her Master’s degree from Georgia Institute of Technology in City and Regional Planning, continuing to focus on environmental planning. During her time at Georgia Tech, she worked for the Atlanta Regional Commission, co-developed and co-instructed the Sustainable Cities Studio for undergraduates, and was the Vice President for the Student Planning Association. 

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