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2019 Taubman College Student Architecture Awards Honor Outstanding UG, Graduate Work

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Earlier this month, Taubman College’s annual Student Show exhibited faculty-selected projects representing the best work by undergraduate, graduate, and post-professional architecture students from the fall 2018 semester. As part of the exhibition, representatives from the AIA Huron Valley Chapter and the Taubman College Alumni Council awarded prizes to undergraduate and graduate work they deemed to be the best.

Culminating in the April 5, 2019, awards presentation, the 2019 Student Show was held April 1–5 and was organized by Matias del Campo, associate professor of architecture.

2019 Student Show Winners

Awards were given as follows:


AIA National/AIA Huron Valley Awards are presented to students in the form of scholarships whose projects “embody the exciting promise of realization while addressing real-world challenges.”

Undergraduate / Arch312 (UG1) / First Place ($1,500) — Peyton Stimac (Lomeli)

Graduate / Arch552: Institutions (2G1/3G4) / First Place — Yousun Nam (Unverzagt)

Graduate / Arch 412: Form (3G2) / Second Place ($1,000) — Danrui Xiang (Comerci)


  • Anna Anderson (Hobbs + Black Architects)
  • Don Barry, B.S. ’90, M.Arch ’92 (A3C Collaborative Architecture)
  • John Francey B.S. ’81, M.Arch ’83 (Consumers Energy)
  • Scott Gustafson (Maison Orion)
  • Seth Penchansky B.S. ’87, M.Arch ’89 (Daniels Zermack Architects)
  • Angela Pentazatos (HDLS Consultants)
  • Adam Smith, M.Arch ’11 (Synecdoche Design)


The Taubman College Alumni Council is a diverse group of professionals from different geographies and widely varied types of practices and sizes of firms. It seeks to enhance the connectedness of the worldwide Taubman College community through volunteerism, philanthropy, event attendance, and advocacy.

Undergraduate / Arch432 (UG3) / First Place ($1,500) — Lejia Li and Everritt Phillips (Roddier)


  • Ron Henry, M.Arch ’91 (Sahse Construction)
  • Ilene Tyler, B.Arch ’70 (Quinn Evans Architects – retired)

Graduate / Arch672: Systems (2G3/3G6) / First Place ($2,500) — Roujia Bai, Taylor Korslin, Kayser Kwali, and Zhiyi Li (Hansen + Gräbner

Graduate / Arch672: Systems (2G3/3G6) / Second Place ($1,000) — Chao Deng, Yufeng Wang, and Qi Zhang (Wigger + Borum)


  • Jesse Adkins, M.Arch ’94 (Shear Adkins Rockmore Architects)
  • Mark Bulmash B.S. ’82 (Howard Hughes)
  • Martin Woodrow B.S. ’89 M.Arch 91 (Cushman & Wakefield)

Post Professional / MS_Digital and Material Technologies / First Place ($750) — Lucas Denit,

Michael Foster, and Yutao Hu (Wilcox)

Post Professional / MS_Digital and Material Technologies / Second Place ($250) — Maryam Alhasiri, Apoorva Jalindre, Yi-Liang Ko, Ester Loj, and Shan-Chun Wen (Del Campo)


  • Ryanal Harris, M.Arch ’94 (Harris + Smith)


One of the largest and most prestigious awards at the college is the Leonard B. Willeke Design Prize, which recognizes design excellence and innovation by undergraduate students through an annual portfolio competition.

First Place ($7,000) — Bailey Surbrook (Cuéllar)

Second Place: TIE ($2,000) — Dustin DeWitt (Cuéllar) and Tang Tian (Trandafirescu)

Honorable Mention — Junjie Tan (Vance)

Honorable Mention — Jonah Zimet (Cuéllar)


  • Pankaj Duggal, M.Arch/M.U.P. ’95 (Jacobs)
  • Branka Olson, M.Arch ’81 (Sindik Olson Associates)
  • Heather Taylor, B.S. ’90 (Phillips Exeter Academy)

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