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Claire Zimmerman

Associate Professor of Architecture
Joint Appointment with Art History

Claire Zimmerman is associate professor of architectural history and theory. She teaches about the effects of mass production on architecture and the built environment, reading architectural photography and industrial building against prevailing narratives of the profession and the academy. Current research and teaching projects include a history of carceral architecture, a project on the absence of an economic architectural history, and intersections of class, race, and ethnicity in the industrialization of the world. Her current book explores the history of industrial architecture and infrastructure in the twentieth century, and its comparative absence from professional and academic thought. Living near Detroit has brought the concrete and steel frame factory to a position of central interest in current and future projects.

Zimmerman received her Ph.D. from the City University of New York, her Master of Architecture from Harvard University, and her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Pennsylvania.

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Selected Articles

  • “Anticipating Images: Buffalo Industry under Construction, 1906-1943,” in Currents: Buffalo at the Crossroads, ed. P. Christensen (Cornell University Press, 2019), 151-174.

  • “Heedless Oblivion: Curating Modern Architecture after WWII,” in G. Eley and J. A. Thomas, eds., Visualizing Fascism (Duke University Press, 2020), 258-283.

  • “The Anti-Photograph,” in Modern Management Methods: Architecture, Historical Value, and the Electromagnetic Image, ed. C. Blanchfield and F. Lotfi-Jam (Columbia Books on Architecture at the City, 2019), 403-410.

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