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Lecture: Tereza Ruller, The Rodina

Lecture: Tereza Ruller, The Rodina

You're invited to attend an interactive lecture in the Art & Architecture Building Commons (or tune in virtually) on Friday, November 12, featuring designer, performer, and educator Tereza Ruller from The Rodina. Lunch will be provided for watch party attendees that register - and please plan to bring your laptop. 

How to make freedom and playfulness – traditionally granted to artists – accessible to a wider audience? And, how to design situations or objects that stimulate activity and participation, that could lead to a transformation in a viewer or a social context? During this talk, Amsterdam-based designer Tereza Ruller (studio The Rodina) tries to answer these questions. She identifies performative components in graphic design processes and results. With examples of her recent projects, Ruller proposes the term “performative design” for a practice that incorporates graphic design, playfulness, bodies, action, and eventness (understanding this as a unique time and space). Performance becomes an alternative mode of value production and a space for critique and imagination.

The Rodina (Tereza and Vit Ruller) is a post-critical design studio with an experimental practice drenched in strategies of performance art, play and subversion. The Rodina invents ways in which experience, knowledge and relations are produced and preserved. In their work, Tereza and Vit often explore the spatial and interactive possibilities of virtual environments as a space for new thoughts and aesthetics that come forward from between culture and technology. The studio works mostly for the cultural clients such as Harvard GSD (USA), Sonic Acts Foundation (NL), and Hyundai Card Library Seoul (KR).

This event is hosted in partnership with the Penny Stamps Speaker Series. Please register here.

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