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Architecture Thesis Honors Projects

Architecture Thesis Honors Projects

Exhibition on view: May 31 – September 9

During their final year – known as the thesis year – architecture graduate students research a topic that culminates in a design project. The projects are exhibited just prior to graduation and reviews by a panel of outside and faculty experts. The best projects are given an “Honors” designation and are installed in the College Gallery over the summer.

Burton L. Kamper Memorial Award:
Kyung Tae Nam and Yun Yun, “(a)typical office” (Adam Fure studio)

Thesis Honorable Mentions:
Tianyi Wei, “Olfactory Theatre” (Jen Maigret Studio) 
Isaac Howell, “An Island for 27 Subjects” (McLain Clutter and Andrew Moddrell studio)
Kallie Sternburgh, “25 Karats: Authentic Fiction” (Perry Kulper studio)
Stefan Klecheski, Yingjing Ma, and Siwei Ren, “Seems Cute, Cute Seams” (Matias del Campo studio)

2016 Thesis Honors Exhibition

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Land Use and Environmental Planning
Physical Planning and Design
Transportation Planning
Global and Comparative Planning