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Dimensions 3

Volume 3

1989, 64 pages, 11"x9.5", out of print


James Chaffers, Sanjay Dahr, Cece Helgeson, Hans Hollein, George W. K. Instiful, John Myefski, Paul Sattelmeier, Mary Stover, Lawrence Von Bamford, Rick Yaffe


Thomas A. Born, Michael W. Hall, Andrew Brockway, Anne B. Crowley, Surabhi Dabir, Scott E. Downie, Nick Durrie, John Hull, Michael J. Suomi

Faculty Advisors

Dean Robert M. Beckley, Colin Clipson, Mitch Rycus

Dedicated To

William J. Scott Jr.


Dimensions 3 (PDF 38.4MB)

Out of print.

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