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Michigan-Mellon Project Symposia and Exhibitions


Symposia - held once per year - highlight the work of eminent scholars, designers, theoreticians and public activists on the following themes: 1) Rethinking Modernist Orthodoxies; 2) Privatization and the Commons; 3) Capital and Justice; and 4) Political Space of Media. Symposia are held in one physical location and interactively live streamed to each of the two other cities of focus. Symposium 2, 3 and 4 will happen concurrent with a Project Exhibition in the same city. Conversations are pre-symposium roundtables with symposium participants coupled with a tour of the city.

Symposium 2 Ann Arbor/Detroit - The Egalitarian Metropolis: Common(s) Sense City
Symposium 1 Ann Arbor/Detroit - The Egalitarian Metropolis


Exhibitions will showcase research and creative work from Project participants and others — in Ann Arbor/Detroit, Mexico City, and and Rio de Janiero. Through major exhibitions (2017 and 2018) and smaller-scale Installations (2016), project themes will be explored from the perspectives of designers and humanists working in tandem and in parallel. Publications - including one major publication and smaller pamphlet publications - will be produced in concert with the exhibitions. Exhibitions will rotate to each of the three cities and will be accompanied by symposia in each locale.

Installations 2016
Detroit_Focus on Speculative Urban and Metropolitan Visions
Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit
U-M Taubman Galleries (Michigan Research Studio / Taubman Liberty Street Gallery / Taubman Gallery)

Major Exhibition 2017
Mexico City_Focus on Architecture, Urban Design, Humanities

Major Exhibition 2016
Rio de Janeiro_Focus on MultiChannel and Serial Video and Film

Plan Your Future
Housing, Community, and Economic Development
Land Use and Environmental Planning
Physical Planning and Design
Transportation Planning
Global and Comparative Planning