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Admission to Taubman College as a freshman student is highly competitive. Prospective architecture students are encouraged to investigate preferred admission or application to another University of Michigan program such as the College of Literature, Science, & the Arts (LSA) and position themselves for cross-campus transfer.

Important Dates:

Early Action Deadline (For Dual Degree Applicants):  November 1
Application Deadline: February 1
Portfolio/Design Assignment Deadline: February 1
Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Application Deadline: October 1 - April 30
Enrollment Deposit Deadline: May 1


High school seniors are able to apply to the Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning via two pathways: Freshman Admission and Preferred Admission. Because Freshman Admission to Taubman College is highly competitive, we encourage all high school seniors to apply Dual Degree to Taubman College and one of the following schools: the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA), the College of Engineering, or the Stamps School of Art & Design by the Early Action deadline (November 1). This option gives students two opportunities to be admitted to the University of Michigan, as well as the chance to be offered Preferred Admission Status should they not be offered Freshman Admission.

Freshman Admission

To learn more about Freshman Admission and to apply, please visit our Freshman apply page.

Students admitted to Taubman College as Freshmen complete a four-year, 124-credit curriculum that allows them to develop the critical thinking, technical, and creative skills necessary to be successful as an architect.

High school seniors who have demonstrated an interest in architecture that can be translated in a portfolio, are encouraged to apply for freshman admission. Demonstrated interest may include: taking visual art, CAD, or drafting classes; making things from imagination or invention (e.g. graphic design, furniture, sewing, crafts, costumes, theatre sets, etc.); experience with rendering software, digital technology (e.g. laser cutting, CNC machines, rapid prototyping, robotics, etc.) or woodshops; attending an architecture magnet high school, summer program, or after-school program; or working at an architecture firm.

The most important consideration for students interested in studying at the University of Michigan is the quality of the core college preparatory curriculum. Students should elect advanced placement, international baccalaureate, honors, enriched, and accelerated high school courses when appropriate and possible. Recommended additional courses if available: 2D/3D design, Visual art, CAD, or drafting class; woodshops; graphic design; participation in architecture or design focused summer programs or high schools.

Preferred admission

To learn more about Preferred Admission and to apply, please visit our Preferred Admission apply page.

Students admitted to the Taubman College Preferred Admission program are guaranteed a place in the Bachelor of Science in Architecture program as a junior once they have completed the necessary requirements in another University of Michigan School/College: the College of LS&A, the Stamps School of Art & Design, or the College of Engineering.

All high school seniors are encouraged to apply to the Preferred Admission program, whether or not they apply for Freshman Admission. The Preferred Admission program opens up another pathway for students to eventually enter the Bachelor of Science in Architecture curriculum.


Contact Admissions at TaubmanCollegeAdmissions@umich.edu