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International Alumni Profiles

Our Taubman College community includes students from all over the world who bring widely differing opinions, inspirations, and experiences to the table. From the moment you join Taubman College, you also will be part of one of the world’s largest, most diverse, and most passionate alumni communities. In corporations, nonprofits, and top firms around the world, “Go Blue” is a unifying statement of pride and recognition of excellence that will expand your network and open doors for a lifetime.

Taubman College, the University of Michigan, and the city of Ann Arbor are welcoming places for international students, and we prepare those students for successful careers abroad and in the United States. But don’t just take our word for it; read the perspectives of just a few of our many international alumni below.

  • SunHo Song

    Employer: IGIS Asset Management Co. Ltd.
    Degree(s): M.Arch '00
    Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
    Current city: Seoul
  • Lee kyung Han

    Employer: Polaris Advisory
    Degree(s): B.S. '94
    Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
    Current city: Seoul
  • Katrina Chaves

    Degree(s): M.U.P. '16
    Hometown: Edmonton, Canada
    Current city: Toronto, Canada
  • Robin Chhabra

    Employer: Dextrus
    Degree(s): B.S. '08, M.Arch '13
    Hometown: Mumbai, India
    Current city: Mumbai
  • Prashanth Raju

    Employer: Safdie Architects
    Degree(s): M.U.D. / M.U.P. '17
    Hometown: India
    Current city: Singapore
  • Srinidhi Venugopal

    Employer: Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl
    Degree(s): M.U.R.P./M.Arch '18
    Hometown: Chennai, India
    Current city: Singapore
  • Pankaj Duggal

    Employer: Jensen Hughes
    Degree(s): M.U.P./M.Arch '95
    Hometown: Delhi, India
    Current city: McLean, Virginia
  • Advait Sambhare

    Employer: GDS
    Degree(s): M.U.D. '18
    Hometown: Mumbai, India
    Current city: Mumbai
  • Swati Goel

    Employer: CHA Consulting
    Degree(s): M.S. '18
    Hometown: New Delhi, India
    Current city: Indianapolis, Indiana
  • David Au

    Employer: Property Development Airport Authority Hong Kong
    Degree(s): M.Arch '82
    Hometown: Hong Kong
    Current city: Hong Kong
  • Chiu Long Sunny Ngan

    Employer: Wharf (Holdings) Ltd.
    Degree(s): B.S. '99
    Hometown: Hong Kong
    Current city: Hong Kong
  • Wilson Qian

    Employer: AECOM
    Degree(s): M.U.D. ’12
    Hometown: Beijing, China
    Current city: Beijing
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