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November 2018 DEI Spotlight - Initiative for Inclusive Design

November 2018 DEI SPOTLIGHT

Name: Initative for Inclusive Design

Expanded Horizons

Members' Names: Leah Hong, Courtney Klee, Mitchell Lawrence, Jeff Edelstein, Brianna Kucharski, Cherrin Chen, Chun-Han Chen, Freddy Foote, Jacob Nugent, Jared Freeman, Kayla Williams, Morgan Mohr, Qingyang Xie, Sai Pamidighantam, Michael Heinrich, Katie Jin, Chandler Shan

About Group: Through active participation in the design community, i(ID) strives to educate ourselves and others about the relationship between disability, design, inclusivity, and social justice.

Faculty Advisor: Robert Adams

Group Achievements: MLK Spirit Award, Campus of the Future Competition finalist

DEI Contribution/Highlight: We have worked to promote the conversation around accessibility and disability within architectural education and the built environment by hosting events such as guest lectures and advocating for these considerations throughout the Taubman community. We also provide a platform for students to collaborate on accessibility-related projects on a local and national scale.

Why is diversity, equity, and inclusion important to you?: Because we support the dignity of people of all identities, we believe that every space should allow them to bring their full selves. These spaces should grant equitable experiences and opportunities for all, considering accessibility and inclusion from the beginning and throughout the design process.

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