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April 2018 DEI Spotlight - Ayesha Wahid


Name: Ayesha Wahid

Ayesha Wahid

Preferred Pronoun: She/her/hers

Taubman College Affiliation/Title (student/staff/faculty/alum): PhD Student

Degree(s): Master’s degree in Construction Management; Bachelor of Architecture

Home Country: India

Language(s) Spoken: Urdu, English, Hindi

Favorite food: Shahi Tukda

Favorite book/author and why: Khalid Hosseini, who addresses multiple themes, particularly family

Favorite thing to do when not at TC: Trying coffee and hunting for Kashmiri Chai

DEI Contribution/Highlight: Working with DEI initiatives at Taubman College and Rackham Graduate School for facilitation of a dialogic process. Presentation at Oxford University titled, ‘Safety and the City’

Why is diversity, equity, and inclusion important to you? To help others learn about the culture and values of different people. To value the contributions of people from from different backgrounds.

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