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February 2018 DEI Spotlight - Srinidhi Venugopal

February 2018 DEI Spotlight

Name: Srinidhi Venugopal

Preferred Pronoun: She/Her/Hers

Taubman College Affiliation/Title (student/staff/faculty/alum):  Graduate Student

Degree(s): Master of Urban and Regional Planning and Master of Urban Design Candidate 2018

Home Country: India

Language(s) Spoken: English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, German (limited)

Gender Identity: Female

Racial Identity: Brown

Favorite food: Sambar (A very simple lentil Indian dish had with rice)

What are other identities that you would like to share? 25 years of age, Hindu by birth (respect and follow all regions).

Favorite book/author and why: The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini. The story is set in war-torn Afghanistan, bringing out its culture and lifestyle. The theme of the fiction is on love, life, courage, brotherhood, fierce cruelty and redemption. It portrays how people act in times of need vs otherwise might be very different. A very interesting read.

Favorite thing to do when not at TC: Read at Rackham, drive to Delhi Metropark

Why is diversity, equity, and inclusion important to you? What ties these three words together are people. I value relationships and celebrate diversity as something beautiful because color, race, and ethnicity are aspects that are only skin deep.  I believe that all people deserve and require equal opportunities, happiness and love. All my work reflects this basic principle of bridging the gap, making people connect and remove these preconceived notions.

DEI Contribution/Highlight: Helped ideate, and implement the international food festival, buddy system, and the holiday dinner for a multicultural/diverse group at Taubman School. Also is currently the student representative in The Urban Planning diversity Committee. Helped  supporting MLK Symposium.

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