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Schedule Equipment & Rooms

Taubman College has circulating equipment available for loan as well as resources and rooms available for faculty and student use.

From equipment held in the Media center to resources around the building.


Room Information and Signup

Please direct all room scheduling questions to TaubmanRoomSchedulers@umich.edu.

Room # 1360 2104 2108 2204  
Capacity 170 153 38 12  
Carpet x x x  
Config Class Lecture Class Conf.  
Size 46'x51' 35'x51' 29'x30' 14'x19.5'  
Seats 120 153 38 12  
Tables 24 1 19 5  
Podium x x x x  
Projector x x x  
Screen x x x  
Audio x x x x  
LCD Monitor/TV x  
Room # 2210 2213 2222 2227  
Capacity 32 34 29 12  
Carpet x x x x  
Config Class Class Class Conf.  
Size 19'x28' 19'x29' 19'x27' 14'x19'  
Seats 32 34 29 12  
Tables 10 12 9 2  
Podium x x x x  
Projector x x x ---  
Screen x x x x  
Audio x x x x  
LCD Monitor/TV x  

Special Purpose Spaces

These spaces are reserved for special events and course assignment; the current list of scheduled activities is shown on the calendar.  To request use of one of these spaces, contact taubmanroomschedulers@umich.edu.

Online reservation systerm: taubmancollege.umich.edu/special-purpose-spaces

Equipment Checkout

Taubman College has circulating equipment available for loan. The Media Center loans out equipment for Taubman College faculty, staff, and students only*. The available equipment is listed below. Faculty and staff reserve equipment through an online reservation system; students, with their MCard, can make reservations in person at the Media Center for the equipment available to them. Please note there is no equipment reservations on weekends.

  • Video Projectors:​
    • InFocus LP650 (1)
  • PC Laptops (2)
  • Mac Laptops (1)
  • Digital Video Cameras:
    • Canon GL2
  • Visualizer

Students need to leave their student ID when checking out equipment.

Laser Cutters

Three VLS 6.60 laser systems are located in the west computer lounge, on the 3rd floor. In order to use the VLS 6.60 systems you must go through an orientation with a Lab Assistant. These systems are available for use on a rolling weekly sign up basis. For complete information on the Laser Cutters visit the Digital FabLab section of our website.

The laser cutters are available for use by authorized users 24/7. Laser Assistants are available various hours throughout the week for assistance as needed. To contact one please email taubmancollegelasers@umich.edu.

The scheduling system for the laser cutters is now online. Please click here to view the schedule or to book time on a laser cutter.

Makerbot Replicator

The Makerbot Replicator 2X is a 3D printer that uses ABS plastic to build models up to 9.8"(length) x 6.3"(width) x 5.9"(height) in up to two colors. Similar to the Stratasys printers in material and method of construction it is less expensive to use though not as accurate where specific tolerances are required. The Media Center is offering Makerbot fabrication on a drop-off basis when provided a model that has both the Rhino and .stl versions. Because of the nature of the service, where the length of time per job is just an estimate, the schedule will only show jobs that are running or about to run and can't show when any submitted job will be started or completed. Questions, comments, or concerns can be sent to mediacenter@umich.edu.

Multi-Media Carts

There are 11 Multi-Media Carts available to faculty and students 24/7. Three carts use 40" NEC LCD displays, two are 60" LCD displays, and 6 are 55" displays using OLED technology.  There are VGA and DVI cables and adapters for displays with those inputs, and HDMI cables and adapters for the OLED displays, to connect your laptop and project your animations, tutorial, drawings, maps, etc. Remote controls are attached to the carts so all you have to do is plug in the monitor, turn it on and connect your laptop!

View the Multi-Media Cart Schedule

Review and Lab Spaces

There are several review and lab spaces available for sign-up via our online system. Only faculty and staff can reserve space using this system, students should contact Laura Brown (laurajbr@umich.edu) to reserve a space.

7-Axis Robot

If you have a job that requires the robot, email taubmancollegefablab@umich.edu to discuss the application.

KR120 schedule
KR60 schedule
KR6 schedule

Zünd Knife Cutter

The Zünd Knife Cutter is a computer controlled cutting system that can easily cut a number of materials of varying thickness. It is located on the first floor in room 1240, near the Art & Architecture buildings southwest exit. For complete information on the Zünd Knife Cutter visit the Digital FabLab section of our website.