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Help us envision a bright, bold future, where collaboration is paramount and where new ideas and original perspectives flourish so the next generation of architects and planners can effectively and positively shape the world.

Whether you want to support scholarships, sponsor an exhibition, help bring distinguished lecturers/professionals to campus, encourage research, assist with expanding our placement efforts, fund internships, underwrite international travel studios, or provide unrestricted support, we have specific funds which address your interests.


Student Support

Taubman College is a leader in the teaching and research of architecture and urban planning because of its state-of-the-art facilities and its faculty. However, diverse, passionate students are just as important to the quality of an institution as its teachers and its facilities. Gifts like yours are helping to make Michigan an institution of individuals as diverse and varied as the fields of architecture and planning.

Our aim, as a public institution, is to maintain access to higher education for those of ability regardless of economic considerations. Our alumni are our greatest allies in this mission.

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Working Across Disciplines

Looking beyond the expertise of our faculty and engaging partners across campus and beyond, the college has been actively reframing its pedagogy and research agendas within a larger body of knowledge. Through these efforts our students are learning the professional skills they will need to engage in collaborative problem-solving.

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Becoming Global Citizens

Sending Our Students into the World and Bringing the World to Our Students.

INTO THE WORLD: We aspire to produce not only the best educated practitioners, but global citizens who will address projects and communities with sensitivity and professionalism. Hands-on, real world experiences and opportunities to expand cultural perspectives, are important complements to their classroom and studio work.

BRINGING THE WORLD: Through our lecture series and conferences we bring a national and international slate of speakers to campus. These visitors discuss their work and their vision and often spend time in reviews and seminars, directly interacting with students.

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The digital revolution has had a significant impact on the way we design and construct buildings. Taubman College, a leader in anticipating these changes, has played a vital role in developing curricular changes that allow our graduates to remain at the forefront of technological advances.

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We define diversity according to a wide set of criteria — race, gender, financial need, geography, disability, commitment to service to diverse and disadvantaged communities, first- generation college graduate status, and more. We work not only to increase the diversity of our community, but also to build a more welcoming and supportive environment for students once they arrive at Taubman College.

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The Building

To create a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to learning and research requires new and renovated facilities. Our goal is to create a welcoming place for learning, collaborating, and displaying the unique attributes of an education in design and planning. We need to better accommodate the increased enrollment that has occurred over the past 35 years. These new and improved spaces will foster a learning and research environment that can accommodate ever-changing pedagogical and research practices.

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By making a gift to Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning's Enrichment Fund, you directly or indirectly do all of the above. This discretionary account permits the dean to allocate annually special support for particular areas which will reap the greatest benefit to our students.

Please contact our Development team to donate specifically to Taubman College.

Quinn Doran, Development and Alumni Relations
Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning
2000 Bonisteel Boulevard Room 2150
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2069 USA