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Course Detail

Term Fall 2018
Class ARCH 551
Class Title Spatial Data Formation
Description This is a course in information design, with a focus on big data literacy for architects. It is an opportunity to advance your research and communication skills amid an age of information overload. This is not only about getting past visual noise, as the standard teachings of Tufte will help you do, but also about casting data into appropriate form and resolution, which the course will explore by way of algorithms in Processing. So in contrast to a usual course in data visualization, this one emphasizes formation. How are data ambiently embedded, harvested, and experienced in material objects and situations? For as the arts have always known, form and content inevitably interrelate.
Crosslist none
Required No
Elective Yes
Selective No
Meets Wednesday 3:00-6:00pm West Review
Credits 3
Faculty Malcolm McCullough
Syllabus not available
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